"Chef Roland Mesnier with Vicki on Valentine's Day 2008 at his "Dessert University Pastry Class."  What a way to spend Valentine's Day:  Wonderful Learning, fantastic pastry, champagne and good company! 
A great time was had by all!  And great thanks to Chef Kathy Wise of Sweet Wise for inviting and sponsoring Chef Mesnier's Class! 

Our fabulous cake designer Vicki from Signature Cakes is designing a fabo 4 layer white chocolate truffle and lemon cake with black swirl designs and fondant ribbon. Kendall’s cake will be very similar to the picture below…4 square layers of white butter cream frosting with the black scroll work but with a black fondant bow cascading down the front and starting on the second layer in back and going down, and she’s making a very elegant black “H” for the cake topper. We actually met with Vicki and she sketched out what we wanted BEFORE we ever found pictures that were similar. We took one of the hat boxes with us and that inspired the design on our cake. She’s even ordering scroll templates to try and match it.